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2013 ProBASE World Cup Tour

ProBASE Istanbul Showdown, 2013 Target Istanbul, Turkey
ProBASE U-turn 2013, WS Terrain, Kjerag, Norway

World BASE Race 2013,WS Speed, Innfjorden, Norway
ProBASE Wingsuit Race 2013, WS Speed, Stechelberg, Switzerland
ProBASE Mountain Race 2013, WS Terrain

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ProBASE Istanbul Showdown 2K13

The ProBASE World Tour 2013 opens again in Istanbul, Turkey this year and offers a full 1 week boogie! Here is all the info!

Its finally time to open the registration for the first ProBASE season event!

This year we will hold a boogie which includes jumps from 2 buildings, the Skyport, 120 meters and the Sapphire Tower, 236 meters, plus a day of Helicopter Jumps over the Golden Horn.

We will also hold a Target landing competition at the Sapphire Tower, which counts for the overall ProBASE World Cup Tour 2013.

Participation for the competition is limited to 30 jumpers, made up of 15 prequalified athletes and 15 additional slots given to everyone else who wants to compete and have the necessary experience and skill. (Qualified jumpers have been notified) 

Participation at the boogie is open to all jumpers who fullfill the minimum requirements of 100 BASE Jumps completed, 2 years of experience in the sport and have completed at least 10 BASE jumps in the 2 months previous to the event. For anyone who participates for the first time, we ask to send us a reference of a well known jumper who knows you and can vouch for your experience and skill level.

The dates are May 20th to 25th 2013, we ask everyone to book your tickets so you arrive latest on the 20th in the evening and do not leave before sunday the 26th in the afternoon in order to be able to participate for the whole event.

Registration fee is 100 euro, which includes participation at all 3 sites, transfer from the hotel to the jumping sites or planned excursions, lunch during the jumping days, event T-shirt and giveaways, and participation at the competition for those who qualify.

Book your flight if possible to Istanbul Ataturk Airport, since it is a lot closer to the city then Sabia Gokcen airport.

Accomodation is not included in the boogie fee, we have 3 Hotels where you can reserve rooms however and stay during the event, all are close to the Sapphire Tower. You can also book accomodation independently, however you are responsible to show up at the Event Headquarters each morning at the appointed time to take the bus to the jumping sites.

The event Head Quarters will be at the Bilek Hotel, located within walking distance of the Sapphire Tower, and also the place where the bus for all the other jump locations leaves from.

To book you room at the Bilek hotel, use the information below, and mention "birden promotion" or "birden reklam" to receive the special discount.

Bilek Istanbul Hotel

Eski BüyükDere Caddesi No:29 4.Levent / İstanbul

Phone : +90 212 324 20 24 pbx 
Fax : +90 212 283 90 41

E-mail : This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it


alternativley book at




Here is the schedule as of now, its subject to change due to weather conditions or other unforeseen events, but we will stick to it as much as possible.


    1. Mon 20.5.2013

      Arrival at Hotel, settling in

      8pm welcome meeting and main event briefing for all participants, jumpers and members of the organization.

Tue 21.5.2013:

8am breakfast

9am bus leaves for Skyport building

10am – 6pm free jumping at Skyport building

7pm bus returns to hotel, evening entertainment.

Wed 22.5.2013:

8am breakfast

9am bus leaves for golden horn

10am – 4pm Show jumps from Helicopter at Golden Horn for all participants.

5pm bus returns to hotel

Thur 23.5.2013:

9am move over to Sapphire Tower, (5 minute wealk from Hotel Bilek)

10 am free jumping at Sapphire tower until 6pm


this day can be used as a free day at your own disposal, for sight seeing, shopping etc

Fri 24.5.2013:

8am breakfast

9am walking to Sapphire building

10am – 8pm 3 competition rounds

free jumping for none competitors

9pm common dinner


8am breakfast

9am walking to Sapphire building

10am semi final round

12pm final round

1pm award ceremony

free jumping until 8pm

9pm final party at nightclub in the city/ dinner somewhere and then party at a club


left free as weather day If needed, mainly for the competition.

Our main priority again is safety, since this is all urban jumping we request that you wear as much protection as possible. Helmet and kneepads are mandatory, we recommend to also use ellbow protection and a back protector as well as strong boots.

We also require some kind of medical insurance that covers you internationally in case you need to go to the hospital.

Regarding the jumps themselves, we will not put too many restrictions on what you can do, as long as you stay within your limits and skill level. We do not recommend to do your first arials off any of the buildings, and will monitor multi way jumps as well. There will be cut off levels set by the organization regarding maximum wind speed and visibility, so please respect those limits and restrictions when they are in place.

For the Sapphire tower, on friday and saturday, 24th and 25th the competition has priority, meaning in case of bad weather, competition jumps will be held first, then fun jumps.

Once we determine the participants of the competition at Sapphire tower we will send out a separate info sheet.

To sign up please fill out a registration form online via our homepage, using this link.


also indicate if you are interrested in competing at the Sapphire Tower.

Safety again is our main priority to maintain the event on the Tour also in the future, so please use common sense, respect the rules and know your skills!

Looking forward to meeting up again in Istanbul!!

Be There!




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