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2013 ProBASE World Cup Tour

ProBASE Istanbul Showdown, 2013 Target Istanbul, Turkey
ProBASE U-turn 2013, WS Terrain, Kjerag, Norway

World BASE Race 2013,WS Speed, Innfjorden, Norway
ProBASE Wingsuit Race 2013, WS Speed, Stechelberg, Switzerland
ProBASE Mountain Race 2013, WS Terrain

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ProBASE Wingsuit Racing Tour 2K13

2013 brings the largest Wingsuit Racing competition series to Wingsuit fans around the world!!

 We brought together the worlds top pilots of this fascinating extreme sport to compete in a professional environment and see who truly is the best of the best.

In order to make it happen we created a never before seen racing series compiling the most selective race tracks in some of the most stunning sceneries of our planet, really piling on the challenge. In a total of 5 Tour stops around the globe the worlds best Wingsuit pilots will find the toughest challenge of their careers yet. Only 15 of the worlds elite pilots are prequalified, amongst them superstars like Espen Fadnes, Chris McDouggal or Roberta Mancino, to compete. Another 15 slots are being made available for preselected qualifiers. Those pilots need to fullfill a wide range of extremely tough prerequisites on order to enter any competition. The rules are extremely strict and safety is a top priority. Only a large amount of experience, perfect control of the suit and precise handling skills will get those pilots a slot on the main event.

The courses are designed like nothing anyone has ever seen before in a competitive environment, again proving our commitment to making history in an absolutely new sporting activity. During the racing series the pilots will reach speeds of up to 250 km/h in the speed events and will have to negotiate slalom courses down rugged mountainsides where they will have to fly through gates and negotiate tight turns in and around canyons, around trees or other natural turn markers. Each of the wingsuit grand-pree races are designed to challenge these exceptional athletes to the max and introduce the planet to a never before seen spectacle. It is 3D video game action in real life!!!

The entire tour is of course gonna be televised and brought to the world in life segments as well as a documentary series, distributed world wide so that fans in every corner of the globe can follow the action and support their favorite star pilots.

Life webcasts of each event will let the fan community follow the races online, where they can furthermore place bets on their favs!!

The ProBASE Wingsuit World Tour promises to the most extreme, exciting, inspirational, and simply unbelievable television event of 2013. Humans in hi-tech suits that allow them to fly through the air at breakneck speeds, negotiating 3D race tracks, set in the planets most beautiful landscapes has simply not been done before. Never has the world seen anything remotely similar, nor will this sporting event be topped by anything in the near future.

The Tour kicks off on May the 20th in Istanbul, Turkey and moves across Europe to Switzerland and Norway, where the most exciting and challenging Race Tracks have been found.

The pilots are competing for a total purse of 100.000.- EU, but really it is all about the prestige and glory of being the overall Wingsuit World Champion 2013, the most sought after title in all of extreme sports. The title is currently held by Norwegian super talent Espen Fadnes, the man everyone will be hunting this year. The challengers however are not far off and will make it very difficult for Fadnes to retain his crown. South African Julian Boulle, the winner of last year´s China Qualifier is amongst the top favorites to fight for the title, so is frenchman Ludovic Woerth who just won a speed qualifier event in Brasil earlier this year.

Tour stops are scheduled for the following dates, so mark those in your calendars to follow this extreme adventure life online or in TV.

June 19th to 22nd, Kjerag, Norway

July 9th to 12th, Innfjorden, Norway

September 12thth to 15th Walenstadt, Switzerland

September 19th to 22nd Stechelberg, Switzerland


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What is Base jumping ?

BASE jumping is the activity of parachuting from a fixed object as opposed to skydiving, which is parachuting from an aircraft. Fixed objects can be buildings, antennas, smoke stacks, bridges, power towers, cliffs, cable cars, dams or any other object high enough to jump from.

The acronym B.A.S.E was coined by Carl Boenish and stands for Building, Antenna, Span, Earth which are the 4 most popular objects BASE jumpers practice their sport from

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