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2013 ProBASE World Cup Tour

ProBASE Istanbul Showdown, 2013 Target Istanbul, Turkey
ProBASE U-turn 2013, WS Terrain, Kjerag, Norway

World BASE Race 2013,WS Speed, Innfjorden, Norway
ProBASE Wingsuit Race 2013, WS Speed, Stechelberg, Switzerland
ProBASE Mountain Race 2013, WS Terrain

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Target Landing
Track Race

Wingsuit Race

Arial Competition

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Focus on today´s heroes

BASE jumping has a long list of jumpers who are above the rest in the sport. There are people who are gifted aerialists, others who are kick ass trackers and of course there are the wing suit pilots with their breath taking proxy flights.

Klaus Renz

Klaus is probably one of the best target landers at this time, hitting a perfect zero in almost every round. Some people say if Klaus is taking part at an event you don´t have to ask who the winner is going to be.  As an accomplished skydiver, Klaus has practiced this discipline for many years and is therefore at an advantage which he now uses as a BASE jumper.  His philosophy is simple. “Know your canopy, judge the target from high up and then fly your approach, meaning stay above the target and sink the canopy in giving or taking away speed.”

Robert Peçnic

Probably one of the most advanced wing suit pilots of our days, Robbie is also the manufacturer of the phoenix fly wing suits. As a test pilot of his own gear he is doing all the developing for his company and thus has managed to get a huge amount of experience flying those rockets. Wether its speed or distance, Robbie can max out his flight or time it to perfection to get the maximum speed out of a flight; a big contender for the wing suit discipline and in the running for the overall win since in his earlier career he has also won some accuracy comps!

Espen Fadnes and Hans Holmefijord

They are also known as the "Norgie Twins" because very rarely you see one jump without the other.They are both huge contenders in the wing suit events. Their proxy flights are legendary and they have been featured on many a program on wing suit flying. Constantly looking for new stuff to try, opening new exits and including acrobacy moves into their wingsuit flying, they are probably the greatest pioneers in  wing suiting in the recent years. The speed discipline favors their style of flying but we have also seen them tracking recently and practicing their aerial skills.

Chris "Douggs" McDouggal

A legend of his own merrit, Douggs is one of the best know BASE jumpers to date. Leading Team BASE Dreams and travelling the globe looking for the next exit point, he earned his spores as instructor at Kjerag where he also recorded some of his styling BASE videos. Douggs is an overall talent, especially for target landing and acrobacy plus he is venturing into Wing Suit flying, so we can expect to see a lot more from him in the near future.



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What is Base jumping ?

BASE jumping is the activity of parachuting from a fixed object as opposed to skydiving, which is parachuting from an aircraft. Fixed objects can be buildings, antennas, smoke stacks, bridges, power towers, cliffs, cable cars, dams or any other object high enough to jump from.

The acronym B.A.S.E was coined by Carl Boenish and stands for Building, Antenna, Span, Earth which are the 4 most popular objects BASE jumpers practice their sport from

FJC at ProBASE Academy!!

FJC BASE jump courses available yearround at the ProBASE Academy. For more information contact us at: info@probaseworldcup.com

Necessities for an event

In order to set up a BASE jumping event or competition we need first of all an object. The object needs to be adequate for its purpose and needs to be inspected for safety features. The object should have a minimum height of 100 meters and at least one sheer face. There can be no protruding obstacles anywhere near the face or in the area directly below it.

The object also needs to have a landing area that is big enough to safely land a parachute and it needs to have an open area around it so the jumpers can approach the landing zone without protruding obstacles such as tress, lamp posts, traffic lights etc. Furthermore there should be an area for spectators that can be secured and separated from the landing zone and an area to place stands for sponsors, and vendors. An additional zone to mount further installments can be located nearby.