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2013 ProBASE World Cup Tour

ProBASE Istanbul Showdown, 2013 Target Istanbul, Turkey
ProBASE U-turn 2013, WS Terrain, Kjerag, Norway

World BASE Race 2013,WS Speed, Innfjorden, Norway
ProBASE Wingsuit Race 2013, WS Speed, Stechelberg, Switzerland
ProBASE Mountain Race 2013, WS Terrain

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Track Race

Wingsuit Race

Arial Competition

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ProBASE explanation

The ProBASE World Ranking (PBWR) is a unique ranking system developed by professional Wingsuit Pilots, BASE Jumpers, manufacturers and people asociated to the sport for many years. Points can be earned both on the ProBASE World Cup (PBWC) and in the Pro BASE World Qualifier (PBWQ) Events. At the end of the season, the final ProBASE World Ranking will determine the new ProBASE World Cup Champion and also the entry list for the upcomming season.

*Wild Cards: On occasion a number of wild cards, invited jumpers, are selected to attend each contest.These are jumpers considered amongst the world’s best but did not enter enough competitions or were injured over the last two years to be listed on the PBWR. Wild cards are selected by the event organizers.

PROBASE World Cup ranking system: 

Starting in 2013, at each PROBASE World Cup event the best 30 competitors will earn World Cup points. The points will be distributed the following way.


    1.Rang = 100 pts

    2. Rang = 80 pts

    3. Rang = 60 pts

    4. Rang = 50 pts

    5.Rang = 45 pts

    6. Rang = 40 pts

    7. Rang = 36 pts

    8. Rang = 32 pts

    9. Rang = 29 pts

    10. Rang = 26 pts

    11. Rang = 24 pts

    12. Rang = 22 pts

    13. Rang = 20 pts

    14. Rang = 18 pts

    15. Rang = 16 pts

    16. Rang = 15 pts

    17. Rang = 14 pts

    18. Rang = 13 pts

    19. Rang = 12 pts

    20. Rang = 11 pts

    21. Rang = 10 pts

    22. Rang = 9 pts

    23. Rang = 8 pts

    24. Rang = 7 pts

    25. Rang = 6 pts

    26. Rang = 5 pts

    27. Rang = 4 pts

    28. Rang = 3 pts

    29. Rang = 2 pts

    30. Rang = 1 pts



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What is Base jumping ?

BASE jumping is the activity of parachuting from a fixed object as opposed to skydiving, which is parachuting from an aircraft. Fixed objects can be buildings, antennas, smoke stacks, bridges, power towers, cliffs, cable cars, dams or any other object high enough to jump from.

The acronym B.A.S.E was coined by Carl Boenish and stands for Building, Antenna, Span, Earth which are the 4 most popular objects BASE jumpers practice their sport from

FJC at ProBASE Academy!!

FJC BASE jump courses available yearround at the ProBASE Academy. For more information contact us at: info@probaseworldcup.com

Necessities for an event

In order to set up a BASE jumping event or competition we need first of all an object. The object needs to be adequate for its purpose and needs to be inspected for safety features. The object should have a minimum height of 100 meters and at least one sheer face. There can be no protruding obstacles anywhere near the face or in the area directly below it.

The object also needs to have a landing area that is big enough to safely land a parachute and it needs to have an open area around it so the jumpers can approach the landing zone without protruding obstacles such as tress, lamp posts, traffic lights etc. Furthermore there should be an area for spectators that can be secured and separated from the landing zone and an area to place stands for sponsors, and vendors. An additional zone to mount further installments can be located nearby.